Now that the 2012 Election is finally over, I’m sure you have all seen emotions running high. For some, it was a great night, and for others, not so much.

Election night here in North Carolina was an amazing victory for Conservatives! We finally reclaimed our status as a red state. We now have a Governor and a Lieutenant Governor to match our Conservative legislature. We reelected a Supreme Court Justice that we desperately needed. And we unseated an entrenched, Liberal congressman despite the odds. To say the least, North Carolina had a fantastic night, and we most definitely redeemed ourselves from our momentary lapse of judgment in 2008! Unfortunately though, I can’t share the same great news for the rest of America.

Instead of electing a new President with new ideas, Americans chose to have four more years of the same failed policies. Instead of taking back the Senate, Americans chose to keep the people in who are incapable of even producing a budget. Instead of preserving for the future, Americans chose to continue down the path of more debt, fewer jobs, and bigger government. Without a doubt, we suffered a devastating loss last night. But even with that said, all hope is not lost!

As much as I hate the outcome of the Presidential race, and many other races around the country, this is not the time to lose faith, and it’s not the time to go around being a Debbie Downer and a Negative Nancy! Sure, four more years of Obama is a very scary thing and it’s going to takes its toll on our country. But as history as proved time and time again, America is stronger than one, failed President with two terms. This great country has been through much greater tales of adversity than what we’re experiencing today. Just look back to our Founding Fathers and what they went through to create the United States of America. They beat the odds, and with God’s grace, we will too!

Despite this loss we Christians and Conservatives must keep in mind this truth: No matter who our President is, no matter which states are red or blue, no matter what these next four years will bring, our God still reigns!

We don’t know what the future will hold, but the one thing that brings me comfort, and that I know for sure, is that God has a perfect plan that is far greater than anything we can imagine and at the end of it, Jesus wins!

We shouldn’t waste our time wallowing. Instead, we must learn from our mistakes and continue to fight for what we know is right.