Last week, following the intense North Carolina Primary, I decided to make a YouTube video regarding the passing of the NC Constitutional Amendment “to provide that marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state.” I knew that posting this video was going to be controversial, but I had no idea how vulgar the responses were going to get.

Within the first day of posting, the video had received hundreds of views (it’s now up to thousands!)  and some really positive and great comments. There were a few who disagreed, but they were at least civil. I was pleasantly surprised. But when I woke up the next day, things turned for the worst. The comments became disgusting, vulgar, and completely stupid. I was appalled.

Typically I would never post vulgarity on my blog, but the true colors of the Left need to be shown, especially considering this time it was directed at a minor. So, here we go:


“Hey, you really seem like one stupid c*nt. That being said, I’d still let you wrap yours lips around my c*ck.” via UniversalHourglass


“This bitch is Psycho!” via TheAtheist79


“I repeat queerbait, don’t expect me to endorse it!” via ACORNSUCKS


“you think you’re brave because you come out in public spewing your ignorance? no that just makes you foolish. the very reason you make a video is to spread ideas and discussion to people whom you’ve never met. so people make inferences from your video and its up to you to make sure you’re complete with your portrayal. here, you portray stupidity and ignorance.” via funnykoreantv

Okay, I will leave it at that. But if you want to see the rest of the comments you can, here. I must give some credit, though, to the hundreds of people who spoke out in my defense, I appreciate all of you. Here are some of my favorite comments:


“You brought in The Word of God. The moment you do that, you win. Thank you so much for bringing this out- so few conservatives today go back to Scripture.” via ResoundingMusic


“Madeline – you are a brave girl, and for that you will be attacked. Do not lose heart, or allow the liberal socialist haters to demoralize you, confuse you, or demonize you. I would encourage you to continue doing justly, loving mercy and walking humbly with your God. Together, you are a majority!” via rickgio


“Just remember that all the haters on the Left are showing their own intolerance Madeline. They don’t know you and nothing they say about you is true. You are brave and courageous, I wish more young people had your hutzpa. But you are not alone, know that.” via TheRevSean


Thank you to all of you for your continued love and support! Also, don’t forget: the Left is just the loud and annoying minority.