To state the obvious, I have been taking a breather from politics. And through this much needed break, I have quickly learned that I really missed my family and my friends, relaxing, and just being a teenager. For the past two years I have been so engulfed in politics that I rarely came up for air.

It seems like it has been forever since Election Day because so much has changed. I have spent a great deal of my time about my future and where I want to be in 10 years, or even in 2 years. My high school days are quickly coming to an end, as I just began the second semester of my junior year, and college is quickly approaching. I have many vital, exciting decisions to make between now and then. And one decision that has been looming over my head is what my place in politics is going to be. Do I want to pursue a career based around politics? Or, do I want to reroute my plans and keep politics as a hobby? I’m still undecided.

Last night I mistakenly visited my YouTube channel for the first time in several months. I figured since I hadn’t made a video in quite some time that all of the insanity would have subsided. I was wrong. Arguments were still going on, and hateful names and remarks were still being spewed (it even pushed me to list all but one of my videos as private).

I enjoy politics, most of the time, but being surrounded by so much hate can so easily break someone’s soul. I want to be in politics, but at the same time I need to be true to myself and my God. I want to love, not hate. I may be a Conservative, but first and foremost, I am a child of God saved by Grace through Faith. I am loved, which is why I must love. Without love, hope is nonexistent.

You love every lost cause; You reach for the outcast

For the leper and the lame; they’re the reason that You came

Lord I was that lost cause and I was the outcast

                 But you died for sinners just like me, a grateful leper at Your feet

                                                  –Casting Crowns


Unfortunately, love and politics (or anything in this world) have never meshed.


Why do we think that hate’s gonna change their heart?

We’re up in arms over wars that don’t need to be fought

But pride won’t let us lay our weapons on the ground

We build our bridges up but just to burn them down

We think pain is owed apologies and then it’ll stop

But truth be told it doesn’t matter if they’re sorry or not

Freedom comes when we surrender to the sound

                 Of mercy and Your grace, Father, send Your angels down

                                                   – Tenth Avenue North 

Hate will never solve anything, and with that thought, I will be adjusting my style. When I initially named this blog Faith Hope & Politics my intention was to write about politics from a hopeful, Christian perspective, and I will continue to do so. But all of my readers should, from now on, expect blogs that are much more faith based, focusing on the only real hope for the world – Jesus Christ and His amazing love. This new premise is not only for my politics, but my life in general. It is with God’s guidance and love, and that of my family, that I will make all of the tough decisions facing me in the months to come and for the rest of my life.


Until next time,